From July 2023 to October 2023, I visited the Berkeley NetSys Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Sylvia Ratnasamy and Prof. Dr. Scott Shenker.

From February 2016 to July 2016, I was a visiting researcher at the Broadband Wireless Networking Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz, working on Network Virtualization for 5G Software-Defined Cellular Systems.

Prior to joining ETH Zürich, I received a Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (2018) and a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Telecommunication Technologies Engineering (2016), both from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain.

I have also worked on industry projects for organizations like Cloudflare (2023), IBM (2017), and CERN (2015).


Everything Matters in Programmable Packet Scheduling

Albert Gran Alcoz, Balázs Vass, Gábor Rétvári, Laurent Vanbever

QVISOR: Virtualizing Packet Scheduling Policies

Albert Gran Alcoz, Laurent Vanbever
ACM HotNets 2023. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (November 2023).

Reducing P4 Language's Voluminosity using Higher-Level Constructs

Albert Gran Alcoz, Coralie Busse-Grawitz, Eric Marty, Laurent Vanbever
EuroP4 2022. Rome, Italy (December 2022).

Aggregate-Based Congestion Control for Pulse-Wave DDoS Defense

Albert Gran Alcoz, Martin Strohmeier, Vincent Lenders, Laurent Vanbever
ACM SIGCOMM 2022. Amsterdam, Netherlands (August 2022).

SP-PIFO: Approximating Push-In First-Out Behaviors using Strict-Priority Queues

Albert Gran Alcoz, Alexander Dietmüller, Laurent Vanbever
USENIX NSDI 2020. Santa Clara, California, USA (February 2020).

Experimental Assessment of 5-10Gbps 5G Multicarrier Waveforms with Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection for PONs

Samael Sarmiento, Albert Gran Alcoz, Jose A. Altabas, Marco Scalabroni, Salvatore Spadaro, Ignacio Garces, Jose A. Lazaro
IEEE PSC 2018. Limassol, Cyprus (July 2019).

Towards Wireless Infrastructure-as-a-Service (WIaaS) for 5G Software-Defined Cellular Systems

Albert Gran Alcoz, Shih-Chun Lin, Ian F. Akyildiz
IEEE ICC 2017. Paris, France (May 2017).
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